The Brawl by the Bridge
2019, oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches


When the sirens sounded, Alice and her family wasted no time. Crammed into the aging car, they rocketed down the highway. Smoke plumes rose up along the horizon, and thunder sounded in spite of a cloudless sky. Thunder that, as the miles passed by, revealed itself to be tremendous, monstrous roars and footfalls. The highway brought Alice and her family perilously close to the fight they were trying to escape.

The kids in the back seat cheered when the monster fell, but only for a moment before the squealing of the brakes overpowered them. The giant woman, victorious, teetered and swayed in exhaustion before collapsing backwards. The bridge supported her weight, barely, and she caught her breath in ragged gulps. The car slammed to a halt, and Alice stepped out. Breathing heavily herself, she looked up in anger, awe, and admiration.